Drawing Doodles & Sketches -Mountains-

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We all know that practice leads to improvement.  Like you won’t get any better unless you do some exercises, and the more you draw the more confident you’ll become .. 

So I sketched some mountains 🏔, I don’t know why I chose to sketch them precisely 🤔 .. 

But I love sometimes to sketch or doodle things .. to release stress, relieve anxiety, clear my mind & my heart, be more productive, find focus, and believe it or not, it even solve any problem, in a way or another ..

So in all, it makes me happy .. the act of doodling & sketching  .. 

And of course there’s a deference between them .. 

doodling is = a thoughtless drawing, you don’t have any specific thing to draw .. only drawing you feelings .. and this is my doodling that I did weeks before .. 

1st Doodle

sketching is = a drawing with purpose, like you’re trying to capture an object of a scene, and trying to repeat it to master it .. for example here is my drawing of Mountains, I tried to draw different shapes of them .. 

Mountains Sketches

and thats it, hope you liked it .. & thanks for reading it ..

so tell me,
what do you prefer more Sketching or Doodling? 

I’m starting to put buttons in my blog, you can check it here, and if you want me to put yours, please feel free to comment down below to switch buttons.


2 thoughts on “Drawing Doodles & Sketches -Mountains-”

  1. There’s definitely a place for both doodling and sketching, and sometimes there’s a very fine line between the two. There are differences, as well, between sketching and drawing. I enjoy them all. For doodling, I’m happiest with ink, but I love graphite for sketching and drawing.

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