Art Block

Sorry for long time no see or even write 😶 .. I’ve had something called ‘Art Block’, which means that you can’t draw anything like you’re not interested, or you feel depressed, & you even feel not creative anymore .. its a bad feeling & I wish I don’t feel it again ever ..

So tonight I drew a night mountain landscape, & I loved it 😍

So enjoy ..

Night Mountain Landscape

Simple Interior Sketching

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Hello, In this post I want to talk about my first simple interior sketch, and by drawing a kitchen painting I learned a lot (I want to post the reference drawing but unfortunately the artist doesn’t want to use or repost his works).

I know after drawing it that the interior design drawing or sketching is all about dimensions, so you have to keep in mind the points of perspective drawing and dimensions. I struggled so much while drawing it because I didn’t have any idea about them.

Its a new experience and I loved it, and of course I’m gonna try to paint an interior drawing later & improve myself on this type of drawing .

Kitchen Sketch

and thats it, hope you liked it .. & thanks for reading it .. 

so tell me, 

what do you of my interior sketch as a beginner ? 

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Paint Your Life !

Digital Painting Misconception

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Hi, today I want to explain a misconception that a lot of people have about the digital painting.

Traditional Artist vs Digital Artist

You know there’s a group of people who thinks that the digital painting is more like copy and paste kind of thing, and the digital artist don’t need to work hard to create any painting, and some of them actually see the digital artists as “cheaters” & even they don’t want them to be called as “Artists”.

The thing is, Digital Art isn’t Easy .. of course you have a set of tools inside the tablet or software program but these tools can’t create anything by themselves, so whenever you draw a line on a paper with a pencil or a brush will be the same when you draw a line on a screen with a stylus.

The only difference between them will be the material used in creating the painting (paper & screen, etc.. ) nevertheless, the drawing itself is a skill, so whenever you master this skill you can draw in anything on a paper, wall, rock .. no matter where. So don’t expect by having a tablet will change anything if you can’t draw, like it won’t lead your hand on the screen, or you just click a button then voilà the painting is finished ..

in general, drawing a rose digitally is no different than drawing it traditionally.

and thank god for the time-lapse recording, as it records the process of the painting in some applications and software programs, so people can see the hard work that we as “Digital Artists” had been through …

Thank you for reading, & I have a question

What do you think about the digital painting ?

And tomorrow hopefully I’ll post Pros & Cons of both Digital Painting & the Traditional One, so stay tuned ..


Mountain Lake

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One day I saw a picture like this mountain with the lake before I bought the iPad Pro, way before…., and this picture has been in my mind for so long that I reached to this point, of drawing it .. to make it alive .. and I’m glad I did .. I’m in love with it so much … I just can’t stop observing it ..

Mountain Lake

Drawing Doodles & Sketches -Mountains-

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We all know that practice leads to improvement.  Like you won’t get any better unless you do some exercises, and the more you draw the more confident you’ll become .. 

So I sketched some mountains 🏔, I don’t know why I chose to sketch them precisely 🤔 .. 

But I love sometimes to sketch or doodle things .. to release stress, relieve anxiety, clear my mind & my heart, be more productive, find focus, and believe it or not, it even solve any problem, in a way or another ..

So in all, it makes me happy .. the act of doodling & sketching  .. 

And of course there’s a deference between them .. 

doodling is = a thoughtless drawing, you don’t have any specific thing to draw .. only drawing you feelings .. and this is my doodling that I did weeks before .. 

1st Doodle

sketching is = a drawing with purpose, like you’re trying to capture an object of a scene, and trying to repeat it to master it .. for example here is my drawing of Mountains, I tried to draw different shapes of them .. 

Mountains Sketches

and thats it, hope you liked it .. & thanks for reading it ..

so tell me,
what do you prefer more Sketching or Doodling? 

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First time drawing Landscape

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Landscapes can always be an inspiration for us, expressing our loves, interests & desire to draw our surroundings & environments. 

I tried yesterday to draw a landscape, and I finally did, in spite of the sketch of the landscape I drew it a week ago, I was too afraid to start painting it, I don’t know why !! Maybe because it was a new type of drawing, or maybe because it has so much details that I have to focus on! Ugh 😑 I don’t know .. I felt lost, I didn’t know how to start at that time .. 

Then I just grabbed the apple pencil and start painting, without thinking 💭 even though I lost the reference picture 😁 I was so close to stop painting the landscape but I continued anyway. 

And this the result of my drawing 😍 I actually love it .. I made some improvements to the painting lately.. but after all its a pretty good result .. 

Sunlight Through Trees

Down below is a time lapse of my drawing process .. ENJOY!

Thank you for reading my post

What Do You Think of My Painting ?

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Thanks & Stay Safe ..


The best Apps for digital art in the Ipad Pro

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Hi, in this post, I will talk about the apps that it’s so good to use for you Art, and if you want to check my last drawing the Mandala it’s in here.

So the best & only app for me is Procreate

Procreate is an app that you can use in IOS only, you can find them in both Ipad & Iphone. And it works flawlessly with the apple pencil, because it was built exclusively for it.

Its Worth 10$ in the App Store. (Worth it)

it’s my newest drawing, I don’t know what is it ! Yet 😉 still working on it.

The next app is Autodesk Sketchbook,

Its a great app for getting quick ideas down and even creating full-on-digital paintings, I didn’t like it personally I think its too complicated.

Free in the App Store.

what I didn’t like also is you can’t change the color of the interface, like to make it black, or a little dimmer.

Adobe Photoshop,

Of course its a well known program for graphic design & photo editor. It was released as an IOS app at the end of 2019, but it doesn’t have all the features of the desktop version, like animation timeline & pen tool. And to use it you have to subscribe to them, to pay for a monthly plan.

Free in the App Store.

Linea Sketch,

Its a very simple sketch app, it has an update lately which released some good features like time-lapse screen recording, let you record your sketch process (its also in procreate), a new quick toggle control & much more.

Free in the App Store.

What I notice is you can’t have more than 5 layers, which I think its a bad thing.

Affinity Designer,

Is a professional graphic design app, which also has a desktop version. With this app you can create illustrations, designs, icons, branding & print projects. Affinity Designer app doesn’t require any subscription, you only have to buy the app witch worth 10$ in the App Store.

Thank you for reading my post, & I would like to ask you a question
Which app is your favorite one & why ?

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Thanks & Stay Safe ..

Paint Your Life!

Mandala art therapy

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The Mandala art, has a very deep spiritual meaning, and its a therapeutic healing kind of art, using geometric patterns in an effort to find or restore a sense of healthy mental balance, they said that its a meaningful reflection of its creator. 

This is my first time trying to draw a Mandala .. 

The Psychoanalyst Carl Jung has called this type of art “a representation of the unconscious self” 

and of course, we can see Mandalas everywhere, its in our world and universe ..

My review in using Ipad pro 11-inch,2018 after several months

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When I first bought the Ipad pro with Apple Pencil, I start using it as a portable tv 😂 the first thing I did was downloading Netflix app, youtube and buying the procreate app (without using it) in the beginning >_<, I don’t know why 🤔 maybe I was afraid to start drawing !

The resolution of the ipad pro is fantastic, its weight is not that heavy, and the screen size comparing to the 12 inch fitted me perfectly. The processor of the Ipad is very fast and strong, i’ve never issued any problems with it. The moment I bought it I forget my laptop, I never used it afterwards, I can finish my all work without having to open it. And of course I enjoyed drawing on the ipad, the secret was with the pencil its so accurate, very fulfilling and therapeutic, indeed .. 

There’s a mistake that i’ve done was starting to draw without applying any matte screen which left some scratches on the Ipad, small ones, because I had this habit in pressing too hard on the pencil without realizing that while drawing. you know I forget myself in drawing, thats why 🙂

So I applied it later and everything is fine now. 

and for sure the Ipad pro has many great apps in gaming, drawing, designing, coloring, editing videos and pictures, taking notes, and other productivity apps. 

I have never ever regret buying them, instead, I’ve been always appreciated having them… 😍

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