First time drawing Landscape

باللغة العربية

Landscapes can always be an inspiration for us, expressing our loves, interests & desire to draw our surroundings & environments. 

I tried yesterday to draw a landscape, and I finally did, in spite of the sketch of the landscape I drew it a week ago, I was too afraid to start painting it, I don’t know why !! Maybe because it was a new type of drawing, or maybe because it has so much details that I have to focus on! Ugh 😑 I don’t know .. I felt lost, I didn’t know how to start at that time .. 

Then I just grabbed the apple pencil and start painting, without thinking 💭 even though I lost the reference picture 😁 I was so close to stop painting the landscape but I continued anyway. 

And this the result of my drawing 😍 I actually love it .. I made some improvements to the painting lately.. but after all its a pretty good result .. 

Sunlight Through Trees

Down below is a time lapse of my drawing process .. ENJOY!

Thank you for reading my post

What Do You Think of My Painting ?

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Thanks & Stay Safe ..


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