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A Self-Taught Digital Artist

Hi, this is Aseel, I’m from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

My story begins in the mid of 2019, when I decided to draw, i’ve been always in love with drawing. I’ve always had the idea of drawing, but I was lost in so many choices, like how to start, what I have to buy oil colors, water colors, acrylic! Then what about the sizes of the different types of canvases!! and all these questions besides the fortune that I have to pay to equip all these products. So I started to look to alternatives and of course one of them was the digital drawing, more easer and affordable. I started to draw in my iphone but I was struggling with the screen it was small and I didn’t have a stylus aka (digital pencil) so the drawing were not that accurate. So I had to shut down the idea of drawing again :).

The turning point happened when I was in Virgin store I was walking between the products when I saw the iPad pro & the apple pencil beside it, I didn’t had any interest about them at that time, so I grabbed the pencil and in a very humble foolish way I drew some lines. While i’m doing so I was amazed about the smoothness of the pencil and the accuracy of it, I was very shocked at that moment, it felt amazing, I just didn’t want to stop at all, and I knew that I can draw anything, because all the tools that I want was there inside the iPad. When I got out of the store I was thinking about buying the ipad with the pencil in any cost. so whenever I got to any mall I rushed into any store that have the ipad and start sketching or whatever, and when I have a free time I explore and search about this creative art, I learned about the Ipad pro features versus other drawing tablets like Wacom, android tablets, etc .., and I learned so much about the amazing Procreate app, and finally I decided in December of 2019, to buy them. from that moment I started to learn, sketch, practice on them, till I reach to this point and i’m still learning new things.

After I drew some amazing portraits, I wanted the whole word to see my drawings, to appreciate my type of art, so I got the idea of making this blog, to make my own gallery, and to write some articles about my interests and passion that I love in this life.


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