Digital Painting Misconception

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Hi, today I want to explain a misconception that a lot of people have about the digital painting.

Traditional Artist vs Digital Artist

You know there’s a group of people who thinks that the digital painting is more like copy and paste kind of thing, and the digital artist don’t need to work hard to create any painting, and some of them actually see the digital artists as “cheaters” & even they don’t want them to be called as “Artists”.

The thing is, Digital Art isn’t Easy .. of course you have a set of tools inside the tablet or software program but these tools can’t create anything by themselves, so whenever you draw a line on a paper with a pencil or a brush will be the same when you draw a line on a screen with a stylus.

The only difference between them will be the material used in creating the painting (paper & screen, etc.. ) nevertheless, the drawing itself is a skill, so whenever you master this skill you can draw in anything on a paper, wall, rock .. no matter where. So don’t expect by having a tablet will change anything if you can’t draw, like it won’t lead your hand on the screen, or you just click a button then voilà the painting is finished ..

in general, drawing a rose digitally is no different than drawing it traditionally.

and thank god for the time-lapse recording, as it records the process of the painting in some applications and software programs, so people can see the hard work that we as “Digital Artists” had been through …

Thank you for reading, & I have a question

What do you think about the digital painting ?

And tomorrow hopefully I’ll post Pros & Cons of both Digital Painting & the Traditional One, so stay tuned ..


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