The best Apps for digital art in the Ipad Pro

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Hi, in this post, I will talk about the apps that it’s so good to use for you Art, and if you want to check my last drawing the Mandala it’s in here.

So the best & only app for me is Procreate

Procreate is an app that you can use in IOS only, you can find them in both Ipad & Iphone. And it works flawlessly with the apple pencil, because it was built exclusively for it.

Its Worth 10$ in the App Store. (Worth it)

it’s my newest drawing, I don’t know what is it ! Yet 😉 still working on it.

The next app is Autodesk Sketchbook,

Its a great app for getting quick ideas down and even creating full-on-digital paintings, I didn’t like it personally I think its too complicated.

Free in the App Store.

what I didn’t like also is you can’t change the color of the interface, like to make it black, or a little dimmer.

Adobe Photoshop,

Of course its a well known program for graphic design & photo editor. It was released as an IOS app at the end of 2019, but it doesn’t have all the features of the desktop version, like animation timeline & pen tool. And to use it you have to subscribe to them, to pay for a monthly plan.

Free in the App Store.

Linea Sketch,

Its a very simple sketch app, it has an update lately which released some good features like time-lapse screen recording, let you record your sketch process (its also in procreate), a new quick toggle control & much more.

Free in the App Store.

What I notice is you can’t have more than 5 layers, which I think its a bad thing.

Affinity Designer,

Is a professional graphic design app, which also has a desktop version. With this app you can create illustrations, designs, icons, branding & print projects. Affinity Designer app doesn’t require any subscription, you only have to buy the app witch worth 10$ in the App Store.

Thank you for reading my post, & I would like to ask you a question
Which app is your favorite one & why ?

I’m starting to put buttons in my blog, you can check it here, and if you want me to put yours, please feel free to comment down below to switch buttons.

Thanks & Stay Safe ..

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3 thoughts on “The best Apps for digital art in the Ipad Pro”

  1. Hi Aseelart.

    I used to draw with Procreate. And, I recommend it.
    I don’t draw with this anymore, because my Ipad got stolen. Since then I have been using a regular HP laptop.

    Very informative blog.

    Liked by 2 people

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