My review in using Ipad pro 11-inch,2018 after several months

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When I first bought the Ipad pro with Apple Pencil, I start using it as a portable tv 😂 the first thing I did was downloading Netflix app, youtube and buying the procreate app (without using it) in the beginning >_<, I don’t know why 🤔 maybe I was afraid to start drawing !

The resolution of the ipad pro is fantastic, its weight is not that heavy, and the screen size comparing to the 12 inch fitted me perfectly. The processor of the Ipad is very fast and strong, i’ve never issued any problems with it. The moment I bought it I forget my laptop, I never used it afterwards, I can finish my all work without having to open it. And of course I enjoyed drawing on the ipad, the secret was with the pencil its so accurate, very fulfilling and therapeutic, indeed .. 

There’s a mistake that i’ve done was starting to draw without applying any matte screen which left some scratches on the Ipad, small ones, because I had this habit in pressing too hard on the pencil without realizing that while drawing. you know I forget myself in drawing, thats why 🙂

So I applied it later and everything is fine now. 

and for sure the Ipad pro has many great apps in gaming, drawing, designing, coloring, editing videos and pictures, taking notes, and other productivity apps. 

I have never ever regret buying them, instead, I’ve been always appreciated having them… 😍

4 thoughts on “My review in using Ipad pro 11-inch,2018 after several months”

  1. Interesting review, Aseel!
    I only have a desktop and never tried a tablet, but one of those could be a good idea for me, because I feel too ill for canvas painting, in recent times.


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